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BOSTON, MA [September 23, 2022] – There’s an old adage about writing music, about how a band has their whole lives to craft their first record, then a very short period of time to produce their second. It’s often relayed as a sort of cautionary tale, as if the debut is rife with lessons learned through life while the follow-up is a cram session, usually alluded to as being written on the road, in haste, and with desperation for a so-called “hit” or crowd appeasement in mind. But sometimes the supposed quickness of a sophomore effort creates a certain swirl of tension that explodes out of the speakers with a furious abandon, a manic fit that defies expectation, and that seems to be in play with Lurid Purple Flowers’ forthcoming EP, No Sympathy, set for streaming release on September 23. 

Fueled by the fiery August single “Addict,” which earned the Boston trio global indie, online, and college radio play and national blog praise, No Sympathy is the second Lurid Purple Flowers EP this year, following spring debut Mania. Its four tracks create a propulsive and almost dizzying turn for the Berklee-bred band, who dance freely through the corridors of rock – from alternative to classic to stoner to psych – while twirling through normally disparate sonic avenues of post-punk and funk. The record was produced and engineered by Nico Low, mixed by Sam Guseman, and mastered at Abbey Road Studios in London, England. 

And like Mania, as well as an echo of the energetic Lurid Purple Flowers live show, No Sympathy refuses to stand still, as the previously unreleased tracks – a ferocious detuned monster called “Pink Elephants,” the relentlessly stout “Is It Me,” and the groove-driven “All It Was” – create a voluminous cadence that displays a young band already brimming with musical confidence. The guttural growl and howl of vocalist and guitarist CA Newcomb is matched only by her shredding; bassist Ben Caito’s funk flavor gives each track a kinetic and vertical personality; and drummer Nick White holds the beat down through non-traditional structures. Each track has its own personality to match its members.  

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